Why Transcoast ?


The following five important facts characterise the Transcoast business, and give us a clear distinction over our competitors of similar size.

Customer Service Skills

As the leading freight forwarders in Sydney, we pride ourselves on customer service and as such, our service centre is the heartbeat of the business; listening to our customers in order to meet their requirements, service needs and infrastructure challenges. Primarily, the fact that you can actually speak to a real person after 5:00pm and before 8:00am weekdays and on the weekend if necessary is a real plus, a member of the Transcoast team is available to take your call 24 hours each day, 365 days of the year.

We support this level of service with efficient business management systems, including
our on-line, web based information system and daily freight chasing on all bulk deliveries, which is a prerequisite, followed up with pro-active status advice to customers (unique within the industry).

Our mission is service excellence, our goal is to continue to build a business where integrity, communication and compliance are the key elements.

Tangible Interrelationships

Because of the volume of freight that we shift daily, over time, we have developed tangible interrelationships with some major counterparts, providing us with a powerful source of capability in terms of scope and price. This distinct advantage allows us to tailor service options for our customers, – service options not available to customers with other competitor businesses. The concept provides our customer with a high degree of flexibility dependent on the configuration of freight to be moved and its destination.

Our single focus is logistics. We virtually carry out the role of your freight consultant, ensuring every service option, both ours and others; necessary to facilitate the art of moving product to a specific destination is evaluated. This extended service is offered without any additional charge to you; nor do we levy a monthly account keeping fee, which is common amongst rivals in the industry.

Business Scope

The business is a multi faceted organisation, providing a range of logistical services that are inextricably linked yet separate by function.

Transcoast can deliver your products;

– around the corner     (Transcoast Logistics),  or
– around Australia     (Transcoast Express),  or
– around the world     (Transcoast International).

Transcoast also operates warehousing facilities (as Transcoast Logistics) providing a Pick, Pack and Delivery service, also short-term and long-term storage in all capital cities in Australia.

Resource Capability

Every service (human and technology driven) and product has the propensity to fail at some stage, placing the customer in an unfortunate situation. In relation to transport, even the most diligent freight forwarders will sometimes experience shipments that are the subject of non-conformance; in other words, either damaged, misdirected, delayed, or a split delivery. We are in the business of delivering freight on time and without mishap every time, if we could not attest to an above average rate of success in this regard, we would clearly not have a business.

When things do go wrong, the key measure is service recovery time. At Transcoast we believe the fastest decision-making happens when those on the front-line are empowered to make the call, and as such, escalation processes are not necessary. Having the decision makers right there on the front-line is a distinct advantage for Transcoast and gives each team member an ability to move with speed, …….. acting on issues in almost real time.

Industry Experience

A significant point of difference for Transcoast is having the ultimate decision maker working at the front end of the business and who has a natural propensity to do so. It maximises customer satisfaction and minimises any delay in the resolution of daily operational and customer service issues.

Every member of the team (unlike larger corporations) knows the customer, their likes, dislikes and needs, because the customer’s “thumbs up or down” means the difference between a small company becoming a bigger company tomorrow, or no company at all.

The management team understands the need for maintaining a high level of integrity in all their transactions and it is this core asset that has sustained and grown the business over 23 years and through a number of changing economic cycles.

In summary, we believe Transcoast has an ability to provide you with:

•    the highest level of 24/7 personal service from a dedicated team;
•    the best transport solution, at the best possible price;
•    real-time tracking of freight;
•    a superior level of customer service, regarded as the best in the industry.